School Year 2022 – 23

Your donations enrich the band program beyond what the district budget can provide, such as guest artists, clinicians and composers; classroom equipment, technology and scholarships. Thank you for your generosity!

Make an online donation here.

Maestro ($250 and up)

Bendre Family
Mailloux/Mielnicki Family
Menon Family
Schwebel Family

Conductor ($100-$249)

Endres Family
Engelking Family
Javorsky Family
Keuler Family
LeSage Family
Lindvall Family
Mielnicki Family
Optekar Family
Riebau Family
Schwartz Family

Gold Baton (up to $99)

Bodendein Family
Bucciarelli Family
Carr Family
Gallagher Family
Gansner Family
Gulbronson Family
Hegarty Family
Hemann Family
Joslyn Family
Lauer Family
Lehmann Family
Malcuit Family
McNally Family
Miller Family
Mondragon-Jones Family
Nelson Family
Oldenburg Family
Pastrana Family
Plese Family
Pluto Family
Richards Family
Schauer Family
Travanty Family
Tomasi Family
Valliencourt Family


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