Notable Band Friends

Your donations enrich the band program beyond what the district budget can provide, such as guest artists, clinicians and composers; classroom equipment, technology and scholarships. Thank you for your generosity!

Maestro ($250+)

David Deshpande Family
Calvin Wille Family

Conductor ($100-$249)

Nicholas Bucciarelli Family
Grace Dresang Family
Reed Falkner Family
Brendan Fardella Family
Colin Fitzsimmons Family
Emilia and Evan Frank Family
Gretchen Froelich Family
Leland Hanewall Family
Leannah Hill Family
Theo Houck Family
Reuben Keuler Family
James Simon Family

Gold Baton (up to $99)

Marie and Andrew Arndorfer Family
Charles Bodendein Family
Piper and Rowan Cain Family
Benedetto and Giancarlo Colella Family
Kate and Maggie Dickman Family
Annika Elliott Family
Mason Engelking Family
Colin Furtsch Family
Lucas Giordano Family
Jack Grummer Family
Ansgar Guentsch Family
Zahni Gulbronson Family
Mark Hawi Family
Shirley Heaviland Family
Ethan Hernandez Family
Louisa Holmes Family
Matthew Knox Family
Mira Laroyia Family
Lehmann Family
Maya Lindvall Family
Enzo Litz Family
Ingram and Ivy Lucier Family
Elsa McElfresh Family
Abigail Mielnicki Family
Luke Miller Family
Sydney Miller Family
Reece Nelson Family
Nesler Family
Oriana Ognar Family
Arjun Patel Family
Nathan Patzer Family
Ana Pheister Family
Joseph and William Phillips Family
Oliver Plese Family
Elaina Raicu Family
Tate Rinka Family
Scott Rothrock Family
Max Sommers Family
John Spoerl Family
Ava and Zoe Stansbury Family
Lillian Stoner-Gold Family
Hank Svetic Family
Peter Tomasi Family
William Travanty Family
Bennett Vailliencourt Family
Benjamin West Family
Silas Wolfe Family
Huanyu Zhang Family

Thank you, Shorewood SEED Foundation, for your continued support of the performing arts!


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