Shorewood Band Students in grades 6-12 can participate in these fundraisers to pay for their own band trips – this year and in the future! Students have the option to sell cheesecakes, wreaths or both. Use the separate order forms and collect separate checks from the customer if they are purchasing both cheesecakes and wreaths. Checks should be made out to SBPA (Shorewood Band Parents Association). Payment is due when order forms are turned in. DO NOT TURN IN CASH! Write your name and phone number (legibly) on every order form and total all columns and rows. The amount due should equal the total of all checks received.

Order forms and checks for cheesecakes and wreaths are due in the Band Rooms by Thursday, October 26th. Please look at this brochure for more information. The order forms are available below:
– Wreath & Decoration Form 2017
– Cheese Cake Form 2017


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