Echoes of Camp Randall Fundraiser

We have met our fundraising goal and are no longer accepting donations for Echoes of Camp Randall. Thanks for the support! We look forward to seeing Echoes at Shorewood’s 4th of July Parade!

The Shorewood Band Parents Association (SBPA) is excited to announce an emergency fundraiser, so that we might sponsor Echoes of Camp Randall/UW Marching Band, to bring the music, choreography, and fun of a “5th Quarter” performance to Shorewood’s 4th of July parade!

Echoes of Camp Randall (Echoes) is a world-class marching band and includes several Shorewood Band alumni. This talented group is an inspiration to future and current Shorewood Band students, and possibly, motivation to our graduates to continue with Band after high school.

SBPA must raise $2,100, almost immediately, to sponsor Echoes for the 4th of July Parade.  We need your help! Please use the donate button below to make your tax-deductible contribution to SBPA, to bring Echoes of Camp Randall to Shorewood on the 4th of July!.

If you have any questions, please email

In the unlikely event we collect more than the $2,100 requested, we will apply funds to the SBPA operating budget for the 2021-22 school year. The button will be deactivated once we reach our goal, or once we reach the deadline to inform Echoes that we cannot bring them to Shorewood.

Why is SBPA sponsoring Echoes? Typically, the Village of Shorewood’s parade budget and community advertisers cover costs associated with parade participants. Unfortunately, this year, Echoes was not able to confirm their attendance until after the deadline had passed and village funds associated with the 4th of July parade were no longer available.

We hope to see Echoes at the Shorewood Parade on the 4th of July. We can do it, with your support! 😊


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