Shorewood Bands

Shorewood Band Parents Association (SBPA) News

Wreath Pickup: November 26th between 10:00am and 5:00pm
Please contact Carol Gosse with any questions. Please plan to send someone else on your behalf to pick up your wreath order if you cannot make it.

NOLA Band trip payments can be made online. Please check out our NOLA page for more information.

Band Schedule is Now Available
Our 2017-18 Band Calendars for Shorewood High School, Shorewood Intermediate School, Lake Bluff and Atwater Schools are now available. Look here for more information.

Make a Notables Donation 

Shorewood School District has a vibrant Band Program with a variety of offerings for Elementary School, Intermediate School, and High School bands.

Support the Shorewood Band community through a Notables Donation. Join your neighbors as Notable Band Friends. Your generosity provides funding for program enrichment. Please use the button below to go to our donation page:


Volunteer Opportunities

There are many volunteer opportunities to help Shorewood Bands. Please contact the SBPA Co-Presidents, Sue Froelich and Carol Gosse, at to find out more or with any questions or comments.


The Shorewood Pep Band performing “Uptown Funk” at Atwater Elementary School